Your advantages with the Mecuris products

You do not need any more troublesome gypsum fountains with which one had to be present already 3-9 times for each 4-6 hours with your doctor. In the Mecuris procedure, the measurement of the complete patient takes less than 2 hours and must also be unique. Through the 3D scan at your orthopedic technician your the prosthesis / body ratio is equilibrium. With the CE-certified prostheses, Mecuris confirms that all product-specific European directives are complied with. High quality standards allow to go swimming or jogging with your Mecuris prosthesis.

Our Products

Everyone is unique – why you will be supplied with standard orthoses and prostheses?
With us every
Orthopedic appliances is unique and adapted to its wearer.

FirStep prothetic foot for kids


The world’s first 3D-printed prosthetic foot for children, available in twelve colours.

NexStep is the prosthetic foot for grown-ups and adults

NexStep CE

3D-printed prosthetic foot with ISO and CE certification, digitally adjusted for maximum comfort.

Prosthetic Cover

3D-printed cosmetic cover for creative O&P professionals and patients.

The digital design process with the Mecuris Solution platform

1) Upload

The physician/orthopedic technician uploads a digital patient image (CT, MRT, 3D scan) in the configurator.

2) 3D anatomy

From that, the Mecuris software generates a 3D anatomy of the patient.


3) Individualization

The design of the prosthesis/orthosis is automatically adapted to patient anatomy by an algorithm.


4) Evaluation

The user, supported by a Mecuris technician, can finalize the design according to his wishes.

5) 3D printing

After final confirmation by the user, the printable 3D design is ready for download or is delivered directly to a certified 3D printing center on site.

6) Delivery

After the printing operation, the Prosthetic/orthotic is delivered to the hospital or medical center.